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US Visa Appointment FAQs

How can I get an early US visa appointment?
Cancelations happen occasionally but it is difficult to predict when the appointments will be released onto the central online diary. If you choose to book your own American visa appointment you must keep checking the online diary or calling the visa appointment call centre on a frequent basis – like every hour! IPVS appointment checkers monitor changes to the online diary round the clock seven days a week, if there is a cancelation or new appointment dates are released, we find them.

I live in the US, where should I go for my US visa appointment in Canada?
You can book your appointment at any of theor at the US Embassy in Ottawa. You should choose the location that is most convenient to you.

How quickly can I get a US visa interview appointment in Toronto?
Toronto is the most popular Consulate for American visa interviews in Canada, which means that appointments for Toronto are oversubscribed and snapped up very quickly. On top of this you can only book an appointment around 8-10 weeks in advance so if you need an early visa appointment you are going to find it difficult.

How should I dress for my American visa interview?
You should dress formally or in smart casual in order to make a good impression with the interviewing officer. Officially there is no dress code, but studies have shown that people who present themselves as smart and tidy are serviced well compared to those who show little care for their appearance.

What type of questions will I be asked at my visa interview?
The interviewing officer will ask you interview questions about the reasons for your stay in the United States. They will try to determine if you are going to use a non-immigrant visa to get into the country and stay there illegally. They will spend a lot of time asking questions about what would happen if you were offered a permanent job in the US as well as questions about what you would do if you were to meet someone who wanted to marry you. The way to put an end to these questions is by proving strong ties to your home country.

What is a non-immigrant US visa?
This is a visa given to anyone planning a temporary stay in America. Non-immigrant visas are issued to cover a fixed period of time after which you must leave the country. Immigrant visas cover permanent residence in the US and are much harder to obtain.

How can I prove strong ties to my country?
You should do this by taking documentation to your Visa interview that proves you will return after your visa has expired. If you have dependents in the country this is a good reason as is a letter confirming that you will start back in your old job or a new job at the end of your stay. A return ticket and travel itinerary is another situation that proves your ties. Property is also another reason why you may move back to your home country – you should show fixed term rental contracts to prove this. Proving strong ties to your home country is one of the most important parts of the visa interview. Visa officers are skilled at seeing through anyone who is not telling the truth.

Does everyone have to have a US visa interview?
Yes. In an attempt to secure borders after 9/11, the American government made visa interviews obligatory for everyone including dependants of the principal applicant. There is no by-passing this situation.

Do I need to fill out DS-157 and DS-156 visa forms?
No. All consulates in Canada only take the online DS-160 visa application form. You must fill this out accurately and completely if you are to get your US visa.

How easy is it to get a visa interview for an H1B visa?

H1b, F1 and L1 visa appointments are the hardest to get hold of. They are released from a separate online diary and they are scarcer. On top of this many consulates do not interview for H1b, F1 and L1 visas every day of the week, but there is nothing online to say this and many visa applicants have turned up only to find that they couldn’t be interviewed due to a shortage of specialist staff.

How can I reschedule my visa appointment?
You can do this online providing there is a 24 hour gap before your appointment or if you have booked your appointment with IVT we will do it for you.

Why is your visa appointment fee so high?
Our fee is not high compared to other private visa appointment companies or compared to endless phone calls to the visa appointment call centre, which is privately run. Our fee covers the cost of our appointment checkers who work round the clock. If we cannot get you a visa appointment we do not make a charge.

How early should I turn up at the US consulate for my visa interview?
You should not turn up earlier than 30 minutes and you should not be late. If you turn up late you will not be seen by the consular officer and your appointment will be canceled.



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