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US Travel Programs


Travel programs like NEXUS, FAST, SENTRI and Global Entry make up the US governments border protection and easy access travel programs. These programs allow low risk citizens to cross borders into neighboring countries without the need for long waits and in depth inspections at customs and immigration patrols.

The NEXUS Pass allows Canadian and US citizens to cross the US Canada border swiftly whilst the SENTRI Pass allows approved Mexican citizens and American citizens to cross the Mexico US border with minimum hassle.  The Nexus pass can be used at land, sea and air points of entry.

Commercial truck drivers who cross either the Mexican or Canadian border can apply for a FAST Pass as part of the US governments Free And Secure Trade program to help business owners expedite commercial goodsacross the continent.  The FAST Card is a must for any trucker looking for employment in the haulage industry. Truckers must hold a commercial drivers license in order to apply for a FAST Card.

Frequent flyers using key airport terminals throughout the Unites States will benefit from the US government’s frequent flyer Global Entry Program. The Global Entry card allows regular travelers to fast track the long lines at customs and immigration when they re-enter the USA. The US government is set to enroll more countries into the program allowing low risk US citizens to expedite travel all over the world. So far the Netherlands has joined the Global Entry program making it possible for US travelers to fast track customs and immigration at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.