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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy to learn how we strive to protect the data that you send to us; we conduct our business based on the following principles:

1. Immigration Support Services Inc is a non government private company not associated in any way with any government agency. We strive to make visitors to our website aware that we offer an independent service to clients who require support or do not want the hassle of filing government forms to relevant government agencies.

2. We provide support to US,Canadian Citizens within the US, Canada and Mexico.

3. We provide support services to clients and monitor online accounts or profiles to trusted traveler programs on the clients behalf. Support services are provided on the strict basis that by submitting your personal information and related data to Immigration Support Services Inc by email, telephone, fax or online form, You have provided your full consent and agree that Immigration Support Services may open, update, monitor and access online accounts or profiles on your behalf for the sole purpose of implementing or updating application submissions,  monitoring conditional approval decisions and approval confirmations to the relevant government programs.

4.We aim to treat all clients with the greatest of respect at all times. If you have a problem with the way that a member of our team has treated you, please email your complaint along with details of when the dispute took place to marked for the attention of Complaints Department. We aim to deal with all disputes honestly and fairly.

5. We issue refunds under specific conditions. Please email us at with your refund request or use the refund request form. Our refund policy is detailed below.

6. All of the application forms for the travel programs listed on this website contain a service fee sheet explaining the services we offer. By signing the service sheet you accept our fees and terms of business. Our application packs contain free government forms. By downloading our application packs you are paying for the additional information, which aids the filling of the government application forms. The terms and conditions of downloading an application pack are listed on every page with a request to read before downloading.

7. We strive to add accurate content to our website; however government information and programs can change without notice at any time. To this end we do not accept responsibility for inaccurate information. If you find inaccuracies on our website, please let us know the URL and the information you believe to be misleading or incorrect.

8. All information provided to Immigration Support Services (IPVS) is strictly confidential and at all times. We do not give or sell information to third parties. Each of our staff members are bound by legal agreements prohibiting disclosure of information outside of the company environment. Once we have fulfilled our business with a client their personal information is destroyed and/or  deleted from our systems. We do not generally allow our agents to make outbound calls (except in urgent cases) Agents are prohibited from taking any credit/debit card information by phone. All contact with our clients is conducted via secure web pages and the email address registered on your application. All email is monitored.

9. We do not accept responsibility for information submitted by clients, which is false, inaccurate, misleading, illegible or incomplete.

10. Immigration Support Service employees responsible for processing applications use titles like “Applications Agent” and “ US Visa Applications Agent” to describe their position in the company. This title is not in any way related to the positions in the US/Canada government Customs and Border Protection agency who use the term “Border Crossing Officer” to describe public servants who administer regulations associated with immigration and customs control.

11. Immigration Support Services provides an online application process for trusted traveler program applications as a paid support service with a fee stated on the relevant service page. By requesting registration and paying a fee per applicant, you have agreed to the initial registration, enrollment support, application submission and application certification being provided to you by Immigration Support Services (IPVS) for which the fee was charged. Under normal circumstances full refunds are not given for online applications which are instant. A full refund will be given in the event that we are unable to process your application due to missing data, or in the event that you submit a refund request prior to your application being certified with the relevant government agency.

12. In cases where you have technical issues with links or online forms, please email us: with your Payment reference number and we shall endeavor to resolve the issue with your purchased service immediately. In cases where a technical issue with our system is not resolved with 24 hours then a full refund will be issued.


Refunds Policy

Immigration Support Services strive to provide every client with an efficient and flawless service. However we appreciate that there may be times when you wish to cancel our service. We provide a money back guarantee and will refund your payment in full with no questions asked, if you submit a refund request and have not submitted an application form, or your submitted application has not been certified with the relevant government agency.

In this instance, please email Immigration Support Services immediately: or submit an online refund request here. We encourage refund requests rather than disputes and You don’t have to give a reason for your refund request, just be sure to provide us with the transaction ID so that we can trace your payment.  You will receive your full refund & confirmation within 48 hours of us receiving your notification. You must make a refund request within 45 days of purchasing our service.

We cannot make refunds when an application has been successfully submitted according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form, or where an online registration has been provided and certified with the relevant government agency, which you agreed to when you submitted your application to Immigration Support Services. However if you believe that we have not carried out our work according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form please email us – Immigration Support Services is always reasonable and we’re willing to help.

We cannot refund fees paid directly to government agencies. To receive a refund for this fee you must contact the relevant agency directly.

If you wish to cancel or dispute your application with us without first submitting a refund request , We reserve the right to charge a $60.00 cancellation fee for each application that you submitted to us for processing by email, fax or online form, complete or not. It is the clients total responsibility to ensure that application data is complete at time of submission.
In the rare case of a dispute, Please use our simple refund procedure before any escalation, as the full amount of your application fee may be disputed by Immigration Support Services in the event of any charge back where you have not first submitted a refund request using the refund request form
Immigration Support Services is always reasonable and we’re willing to help !



I thought you were the government.

We are a private company. This is indicated clearly throughout the website and by the following:

  • For every call to our office during business hours of 9am-4.30pm Eastern Standard Time/ Eastern Daylight Time, a recorded greeting states “We are a private non government company” before the call is answered by our agents.
  • Immigration Support Services is incorporated as a private company, as stated throughout the website.
  • Our website URL is .com or .ca which is used by private companies. Government agencies and departments involved in processing applications use websites with special government-only domain extensions such as,, .gov, etc.

Why don’t you tell all your clients you are not the government?
Immigration Support Services strives to be clear and transparent. Information regarding our status as a non government private company is clearly  displayed on our website. Clients purchase our services because we are a private company to assist them in dealing with complicated government regulations and agencies.

Why do you charge a minimum $60.00 cancellation fee? Why can’t you just provide a full refund?
We strive to deliver great customer service and deal fairly with all our clients. If you submit a refund request and your application has not been certified with the relevant government agency then we will issue you a full refund. We may charge a minimum of $60.00 in all other cases for the work that has been completed, which includes call center agents’ time, immigration practitioners’ time, online application processing costs and administration processing fee for closing your file and securely storing, deleting or destroying personal application data held by Immigration Support Services.

Please note that 1-2% of our clients will cancel at some point for various reasons such as they have found a document they believed was lost, and we don’t want to pass this expense on to our paying clients.

How are payments processed?

All fees are processed by Immigration Support Services and the Government in United States Dollars (USD), There is no option to process fees online in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Both Immigration Support Services and the Government charges all electronic fees in USD regardless of United States or Canadian residency.