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Marriage Visa (K3, CR1, IR1)

Free information guide & application form for Marriage Visa (K3, CR1, IR1 Download


US Marriage Visa





The Marriage Visa Application Pack is a free information guide that helps you bring your foreign wife or husband to the US on either a K3 visa and later on the  CR1 or IR1 permanent residents visa.  Marriages between US citizens and those of another country are commonplace in the United States. The US government prides itself in its ethnic diversity.


The best way to get your spouse to the USA to live with you legally once the marriage has taken place is for him / her to file for aNonimmigrant visa for spouse (K-3). This visa can only be issued from the country where the wedding took place. If you apply for this visa your spouse must apply for the immigrant visa when they arrive in the US. This will not give your spouse permanent resident status but it will allow them to come over to the USA after the wedding. To gain permanent residence you must act as your spouse’s sponsor and file for an Immigrant visa for a Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (IR1 or CR1). This is an immigrant Petition for an Alien Relative.




The US Department of State (DOS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has strict rules about who it lets in to study in the US. It is vital that all prospective applicants apply for a visa in the correct category using the correct application forms. Failure to submit the form correctly and accurately can result in delays and sometimes denial. Failure to submit the correct supporting documents or to lie in your application can lead to a denial and in many cases you will not be allowed to apply for a US Visa for a period of ten years.

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