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Passport Applications

IPVS offer free government application forms for first US passport, renewal of  US passport and lost or stolen US passport with easy-to-follow instructions, US passport fees and submission details. In a world where foreign travel is common-place we all need to keep our American passports up-to-date. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, so long as you qualify as a US national, you can download your application for a USA passport right here. IPVS have US Passport Application Packs for US Citizenswho want to renew US passports in Australia, USA,Canada, Germany, India and the UK. Official United States passports are a key tool in facilitating travel and providing evidence of American citizenship and nationality.

Today international travel is common-place and the need to keep up to date with travel documents usa is essential. US Passports are obligatory for American nationals who are crossing borders into other countries including when they are on a cruise visiting different ports of entry or traveling around the European Union. Some countries will not expect you to show your US passport at the border, whilst others will. Some will check passports at airports but not at land entry points. In most of the cases, it is best to have at least 6 months validity left on your US passportand a couple of blank pages for visas. You must always present a US passport in good condition and will need to replace it if it has become damaged, is outdated, lost or stolen.

Official application forms like those for a US passport can be bewildering and totally confusing and failure to complete US passport application forms accurately results in long delays. The US government recently cut back on the number of global locations who were able to process American passports. As of 2010, all US passports will be produced from the US. IPVS offers US nationals around the world useful US passport application packs them to find out where to send their US passport application and how to complete and submit applications correctly and accurately for first-time US passports, lost and stolen US passports as well as US passport renewals. Please read the information for your US passport application and our terms and conditions to ensure that you have downloaded the correct application package.

Terms & Conditions:

By clicking the download link you are downloading a free USA Passport Application Pack from IPVS. Immigration Passport Visa Service is not a government agency and is not involved in the processing of your US passport. Each US Passport Application Pack contains US government forms and is free of charge. IPVS is not accountable for any information given in the application pack, nor are we liable for any omissions or errors. By downloading the application pack you agree that you understand that USA Immigration Passport Visa Service (IPVS) is not a government agency, and that this application pack was designed as an information guide by an independent organization, not by the US government.