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Global Entry FAQs

Read some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Global Entry air card. If you have a Global Entry question that is not listed here please use the form on our contact page. We will answer your question free of charge within 24 business hours.

Will I get a special pass when I join the Global Entry Program?
No, you don’t get a card or pass when you become a Global Entry member. You just enter your personal details onto the touch screen at one of the Global Entry kiosks. You can start using the kiosks as soon as you have attended your interview.

What happens if my passport expires before my Global Entry card?
You must visit a Global Entry enrollment centerto update your application with your new passport details. If you fail to do so your card will not work and you could be expelled from the program.

What is the difference between using a NEXUS card and Global Entry card at the airport?
NEXUS can be used only when flying between Canada and the US, whereas Global Entry can be used when flying in from any airport in the world.

Why was I denied a Global Entry Card?
Some reasons for being denied revolve around an applicant’s inability to complete the online application form accurately and completely, others revolve around a criminal past or disqualification on the grounds of time spent in the country of residence. If you have been denied a Global Entry card and can provide us with your GOES ID and password, we will process your re-application for you at half of the cost of our standard service. You will continue to be denied if you have a criminal record or immigration violation, which you have not resolved with a US waiver.

What questions are asked at the Global Entry interview?
You will be asked a lot of the questions you put on your application form as being asked your reasons for wanting the card and how often you will use it. Some questions may revolve around whether you have a criminal record or have any customs and immigration violations. Be truthful as the interviewing officer already knows the answers!

What is a GOES card?

This is just another name for the Global Entry card, which can be used at participating US airports. The card allows pre-approved US citizens and permanent residents to fast track entry through customs and immigration.

How can I get fast track entry at US airports?
You can get a Global Entry air card, which you can use at most leading US airports to fast track immigration and customs. If you travel between Canada and the US you can used a NEXUS card and if traveling between Mexico and the US you can use a SENTRI pass.

Where can I find a paper application for the Global Entry pass?
Immigration Passport Visa Service have a paper application form which you can print off and fax or email to us. They are much simpler to fill out than the online government system and will save you lots of time in the long run.

Can US permanent residents apply for Global Entry?
Yes. As long as you hold a valid legal permanent resident card which is machine readable, you can apply for the Global Entry card.

What is the Global Entry Flux benefits?
Flux stands for ‘Fast Low-risk Universal Crossing’. This is the part of the program which allows applicants to enroll onto other foreign air card programs. Currently this is only possible for the Netherlands Privium program which offers all of the same benefits as Global Entry at Netherlands airports. On top of this, Privium Plus membership means that Global Entry card holders can use the lounge facilities, business class check in desks and priority parking at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

How much time will I save with a Global Entry pass?
It all depends on how many flights come in at the same time as your own. If a lot of flights land when yours does you will save lots of time because you won’t have to wait in line at immigration. Most Global Entry members say that the biggest benefit of holding the card was the time they saved when they landed in the US.

Immigration Passport Visa Service does not guarantee approval for any Trusted Traveler program. Inaccurate or incomplete Global Entry pass application forms are automatically denied access to the Global Entry cards program.

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